Sep 19, 2010

Baby Essentials 0-3 months

This deluxe special edition post is dedicated to Jen T & all of my pregnant friends. Here are my top 10 baby essentials for 0-3 months. I've focused on the things that aren't on a typical Layette list - things I found useful from a friend's reco or found shopping myself. Many of these items are related to BF since you pretty much spend 8 hours a day feeding in the first few months :)

1. Head Boppy: available at PBK. Retails for around $35 cdn. I use this in our stroller bassinet to protect Madelyn's head from bumps on the road. It's advertised purpose is to prevent flat head that's sometimes a result of the 'Back to Sleep' campaign. Please read product safety instructions before use.

2. Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover: available at specialty shops (18 in Toronto including my faves: Evymama, Baby on the Hip, Kol Kid, Li'l Niblets & Baby Sprouts and Moms to be and ...More). Retails for $40 cdn. I have the beautiful Capri print shown in this post given to me by my stylish friend Em. This unique nursing cover has a wire so you can see your little one latch but also keep your boobs private.

3. Nursing Pillow. My 2 faves are the Boppy (available at PBK, around $75 cdn for pillow & cover) and myBreastfriend (available at Evymama for $68 cdn). I received two Boppy's as shower gifts (thanks Jessica & Erinn!) and found it really helpful to have one in the nursery and the other downstairs. Em showed me the myBreastfriend, and it's pretty cool since it clips at the back so you can literally stand while nursing and it won't fall off. Pretty handy.

4. Bravado Nursing Bra and Tank: available at specialty shops. I have the Body Silk Seemless Bra and the Essential Nursing Bra Tank. Moms to be and ...More carries them for $50 and $55 cdn. Some hospitals also carry them for the same price. Bravado was recommended to me by my Lactation Consultant. For me, it's comfort and functionality is worth the $$ compared to other brands.

5. Organic Nipple Cream. Earth Mama Angel Baby natural nipple butter and Motherlove nipple cream are on my nightstand (thanks Mom!). Both are available at Evymama for $24 cdn and $15 cdn. Nothing nicer in the early days than softening your sore nipples with a product that's safe for baby and doubles as really good lip balm for you.

6. Little Twig Organic Baby Wash: Extra Mild Unscented & Bodymilk: Extra Mild Unscented. I picked some up at Baby on the Hip for around $15 each. I like this brand since it's organic, has a good lather, feels great, lasts forever, and Unscented means your baby will smell like your baby, and not like a bottle of soap. I can't wait until Maddy is ready for the bubble bath product!

7. Skin to Skin Baby carrier. I was gifted both the Moby Wrap (thanks Jean!) and Hotslings (thanks Jess!). Both are available for around $60 cdn. For us, Skin to Skin contact was essential in our bonding experience. It provided lots of positive energy for both baby and mommy and lessened some of the separation anxiety that can happen postpartum. The great thing about both of these carriers is you can keep using them from Infant to Baby to Toddler, which really decreases cost per wear.

8. Polka Dots & Stripes wall art. I read somewhere that babies love stripes and polka dots because their retinas aren't fully developed and the images jiggle. Before Madelyn was born I painted a mural in her nursery based on the pattern in her crib bumper. Not even realizing what I was doing, I painted a polka dot tree next to her change table. I swear every time she looks at this tree she smiles and squeals in delight. It's the cutest thing. If you're not into painting yourself, Indigo/Chapters carries Wee Gallery Infant Art Cards for about $12. Pin them up next to the change table and presto you've created a great distraction for diaper time!

9. Newborn Photo Memories. I just have to plug my new favorite photographer Kate Shebaz of Finding Forever Photography. She did such an amazing job on both our Maternity and Newborn photos from her home studio in Milton. Kate works on a referral basis so if you give her a call don't be afraid to mention my name.

10. Hand Knit Blanket. Madelyn was so blessed to receive three beautiful knits (thanks Mom/Monica, Marilyn/Cathy and Aunt Greta). She loves to cuddle with them, suck on them and stick her fingers into their holes.  I love the safety factor: she can breathe through it if she pulls it over her head. For this item you need to look to the older generation. I guess some of us better learn this skill so our future grand kids can enjoy this blessing!

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  1. Love it! Thanks so much for all the useful info, Hilary. ~Jen T.


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