Sep 12, 2010

Deck building, allergies & sisterly love

It has been a busy week and my allergies are driving me nuts! I want to assure all of my loyal fans that I have not forgotten about my blog (I still love blogging)...I've just been distracted. We had a wonderful - but TOO short - visit from my lovely big sis, Andrea, this week. She was travelling out East to take her oldest to St. Mary's in Halifax and was able to pop in for a visit on route back to Whitehorse.

Andrea has lived in Whitehorse for 17 years. Because of this many of my friends don't know much about my big sister. Andy has 3 awesome boys of her own and 2 great step kids (girl & boy). She is an inspirational mother for me. I've absorbed a lot from her over the years and it's really helped me feel more comfortable with my own baby. I love you big sis!

I thought I'd post a couple of my favorite pics of us in my post today. The first is of us in 1990 on our dad's boat, "The Goose", sailing somewhere outside of Kingston. The next is from last summer (2009) at Toronto harbour front.

In other news, Mark and his dad are still busy working on our backyard deck. The plan is to have the upper deck finished by October - Yay! We - correction, Mark & dad - will probably finish the lower deck in Spring 2011. I've really missed having a BBQ all summer and I am so excited it's all coming together.

Now if I can just find a breastfeeding friendly solution to my fall allergies :(

Bye for now...

p.s. Happy 4 month b-day Madelyn!!!

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  1. Try homeopathics for your allergies - all are okay with breastfeeding - Boiron Sabalia is one, you can find at the health food store.

    Boiron also has many great products for teething and baby cough/colds.

    No, I don't work for them... but I want to! Been working on it for 2 years now and nothing yet.


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