Oct 28, 2010

Baby Essentials: 4-5 Months

6 months is right around the corner, and oh boy is my little baby developing fast. This week she has started singing "ahhh ahhh ahhh" when she wakes up. It's so cute. Here's what has been essential for us during the 4-5 month phase.

For Baby's Development:
1. Lots of Toys! Our faves: Sophie The Giraffe by Vulli, Eric Carle Toys, Manhattan Toy, Tolo Toys, Infantino
2. We are always singing and playing music in the house. Raffi is a must have!
3. Board Books: something simple like Bright Baby First Words, by Roger Priddy, will help your baby learn the lingo.
4. For those interested, you can start baby sign language at 4 months. It's pretty fun. We're using Baby Signing 1-2-3, by Nancy Cadjan, as our guide.

For Mommy's Sanity:
5. Pippalily Toy Strap, you can order online or we got ours at Baby on the Hip ($10). This keeps the toys near baby and off the dirty floor!
6. Carter's Bibs: these have some sort of plastic woven on the backside to keep the drool in the bib.
7. JJ Cole Bundle Me: a car seat sleeping bag is WAY easier to deal with than buttoning up a coat.

For Sleep Time:
8. Ikea Spoka Night Light: this little guy changes colours and is great for setting the mood at 7pm; plus, it has a rechargeable battery so it's mobile!
9. A baby sleeping bag, like a Grobag, will keep your baby warm and safe at night.
10. Summer Infant Day & Night Handheld Video Monitor: I couldn't survive without this. I LOVE watching my baby suck her thumb to sleep, and when she's wrestless I can check to see if she really needs me.


  1. Great music as well by Jack Johnson and Friends-Sing-a-longs and Lullabies for the film Curious George!

  2. great stuff on here Hil.


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