Nov 19, 2010

Cuba Family Vacay 2010

It feels like a dream, but we were in Cuba a week ago, and it was WONDERFUL! We took Madelyn on a family trip for her 6 month birthday and our 2nd Wedding Anniversary. It was our first week long trip away from home with baby so I wanted to make sure we had everything we could potentially need. Three suitcases and too many carry on's later... here's a brief summary of my experience packing.

Would take again: 
- Stroller seat & wheels:  this was ESSENTIAL. Madelyn took 2 day time naps in her stroller every day, and slept in it covered up while we dined each evening. We were even able to sneak into the "Romantico" adults only restaurant since she was so well hidden in it :)
- Infant seat:  it was nice to have this by the pool and on the beach so Maddy didn't spend all of her time in her stroller.
- Toys:  we took 5 of her favorite toys, all of which could be 'toy strapped' to the stroller so we didn't lose them. At 6 months, she's really into toys.
- 3 baby bathing suits:  Madelyn likes to switch up her outfits and I couldn't tell her to put any back when we were packing.
- Organic Infant sun block:  We took Badgers SPF 30 and applied 20 min before the sun, under her various sun hats and clothing. Better safe than sorry.
- Our own crib sheets:  You just can't trust sheet washing at a 4 1/2 star Cuban resort. Again, better safe (and familiar) than sorry.
- Mini containers of my own laundry detergent, dish washing detergent and baby soap. I didn't use them all, but it seemed like it would be hard to find this stuff at our remote resort on Cayo Santa Maria.
- Boppy breastfeeding pillow:  We used this on the plane and it was great to help Madelyn sleep on the way there and sit up in our extra 3rd seat on the way home.
- Probiotics

- Infant Car seat:  this was just annoying to carry around with us. Plus there really wasn't room to use it on the tour bus that took us from the airport to the hotel.
- Fully stocked first aid kit with everything you could ever need for a year in captivity
- 10 changes of clothes for Madelyn
- Breastfeeding cover:  too hot for plane and no one cares in Cuba
- Bjorn: used 1x
- Sling: used 0x
- 70 Diapers: used 1/2
- 120 wipes: used 1/2
- Breast feeding Pump and bottles
- Sippy Cup
- Bug tent for baby to sleep in
- Snorkeling kit: what were we thinking?


  1. awesome! What a good little traveller she is. That is great that she can sleep on the go like that. At that age, Lila would only sleep in her crib and that would make for one very boring vacation stuck in a hotel room.
    I use the badger sunscreen too. It's the safest one I could find, although I do find it a little greasy.

  2. Better safe then sorry. Now you will have a better idea for future trips!
    Love ya,

  3. What a great post. Your entire blog is so insightful and I'll surely be continuing to refer to it once our little one enters the world.

  4. Great list - good things to keep in mind when traveling with Aydin. I used to love being able to pack for anywhere with only a carry on... now it is like we have an entourage of luggage every time we leave the house.


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