Nov 24, 2010

Late for Christmas?

Wait...isn't it November 24th? Aren't we exactly 1 month away from Christmas Eve? And we haven't even had US Thanksgiving yet? ...Then how the heck am I late for Christmas?

1. Went to the mall Tuesday to inquire about photos with Santa. Too Late. Had to sign up by first week in October. Crazy!

2. Went to Pottery Barn to ask about getting stockings engraved. Too Late. Needed to get them in 4 weeks ago. WEIRD? I went first week of October and it was too early, now they're telling me I'm too late. UGH!

3. Went to HomeSense to buy Stocking holders and was told they're all sold out, I should have come at the beginning of the season. Wait? Didn't the Canadian season just start after Halloween was over? Insanity.

At least I'm hoping I'm not too late to send my wish list to Santa. Hopefully he'll have time to read my blog during his Thanksgiving holidays. (I think he's on a US schedule?)

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