Aug 1, 2011

Dear Readers

How do I write after so long? What should I fill you in on? Where do I start?

Should I start with telling you about being back to work (I love it), or what life is like working full time (crazy), or what it's like to have a live-out nanny (amazing & life saving), or how Mason is handling the transition (chewed 2 baby toys yesterday), or about what Madelyn's like at 14 months (incredible, almost walking, loves standing, loves to climb stairs, always talking, hilarious, adorable, complete love).

I am so far behind in blogging. I've had all of these post ideas in my head but there just aren't enough hours in the day. And when I spend all of my day working at a laptop I just want to come home, have a cuddle, eat some dinner, watch Big Brother, read my book and go to bed! Finally a long weekend is here and we are spending all three days at home getting caught up on life. It feels good to type again.

I bet you're all wondering about the new green theme? It's been almost a year since I launched hilaryinalderwood, so it was time for a change. The pretty background you're looking at is my extremely wild tomato garden. This year I built my first ever Herb & Veggie garden. It's a bit of an experiment. So far I've learned that you should really follow the instructions on plant spacing, hours of sun and watering :). We'll have a good harvest from our herbs, cherry tomato's, and peppers, but I don't think I'll try broccoli or cauliflower again. And I will definitly re-think where I place the strawberries and green onions next year.

Here are the pictures that inspired the new background:

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  1. Glad you are back! She's precious as always!


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