Sep 4, 2010

Labour Day Weekend Clean Out

We are putting the labour into Labour Day this weekend: Starting our deck, and cleaning out the basement storage room. Yikes! While in the basement today, I came across a bunch of my old paintings created 2000-2006. I'm posting them hoping it will inspire me to start painting again once our basement is cleaned out. I've posted about 1/2 below, I'll post the rest tomorrow. Enjoy!

p.s. Sorry for the horrible alignment...I need to watch a youtube video to figure that part out... :(


  1. Hillary, love the art.
    When Brooke and I visited you two in Connecticut, I remember that you wouldn't tell us what your graffiti art said, 'we had to figure it out for ourselves'.
    Well I'm looking and I still can't figure it out.
    I do think I've almost got the last one figured out ... am I correct to assume it starts with jayz vs. ? After that I'm trying to think of a time period appropriate battle like '2'pac but can't finish it just yet.

    Great blog by the way.

  2. Yes, you must get back to your obvious talents (one of many I might add) and please tell me, even if it is a secret email to keep the others guessing, but I have been trying to figure them out for years! Oh, perhaps if you 'scrap the scrap booking" you would have time to devote to your paintings-ok ok - you are going to explain that 'scrapbooking' is an art form in some weird way! LLL L Mom

  3. Thanks for your support Sean & Mom! I'm going to take Sean's advice and post individually about each piece. Stay tuned for the big reveal!


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