Sep 6, 2010

Mommy Brain...effects of the "Cuddle Hormone"?

When I was 6 months pregnant, my co-worker told me to watch out for the "Mommy Brain" I would get after my baby was born. She said it was inevitable and that it would last for who knows how long. She has 3 kids under the age of 10 and still gets it from time to time. My response was always, "I'm sure everyone doesn't get that, I doubt it will happen to me". Ha! How I was wrong.

I suffer from Mommy Brain every day. Mark and I were at the mall having lunch and I asked him how his cucumber tasted when he was eating broccoli. Laundry sits in the dryer for 3 days and I wonder where my beige sweater is, searching the entire house resolving that I left it somewhere. Toast gets cold popped up in the toaster. I never finish a cup of tea. The list goes on.

Forgetfulness isn't the only symptom. I also get "sooo upset" (as Mark would say) when my brain is charged with focusing on more than one thing at a time.  I was always a wonderful Multi-tasker (thanks to being a waitress for 8 years) so it's upsetting when I can't complete 2 simple thinking tasks at once. I did some quick google/wiki research and it seems the culprit is Oxytocin (see Oxytocin defined on Wiki). It floods my brain every 7-8 times I breastfeed each day. It gives me this wonderful calming high - aka 'Cuddle Hormone' - but then it drops off and I turn into a prickly porcupine once Maddy goes down for a nap.

Luckily, it's no difficulty to concentrate on Madelyn. Motherhood has blessed me with the 6th sense to stay completely in tune with my baby's needs at all time. When I think of her my brain clears and I have a sharp focus like no other. When I think of other brain goes back to mush. And too bad little is left for poor Mason. He'll probably get fat this winter from all of the guilt biscuits I give him.

I love breastfeeding and plan to do it for all of my kids so it looks like I may be charged up on Oxytocin for a while. Having really supportive family and friends will help me through the forgetfulness but I do hope some of the other moody effects subside. Ideas anyone?

Lastly, here is a funny article I found that I'm sure many moms who suffer from this can relate to. I totally picture Madelyn telling me I'm stupid one day, lol.

Funny Article on Mommy Brain in Parents Connect


  1. I hear you, sista! I stopped b-feeding months ago and I still use 'mommy brain' as an excuse. I think it lasts for quite a while :)

  2. Take a deep breath and allow yourself 'mommy brain'-embrace it, don't fret about it-mostly, laugh, laugh at yourself, laugh with Mark, laugh with Maddy as that will release some either type of hormone that will help balance things! LLL U Love Mom- still suffering from "mommy brain"


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