Nov 29, 2010

Giving Thanks US Style

Oh, how I love the holidays!!! 

After living in CT for 3 years we have decided to keep up with the southern tradition of Thanksgiving in November. For one, that's when Mr. B gets his Thanksgiving vacay days, but more importantly, it's a great excuse to get the tree up as early as possible.

This is our first Christmas in our new house. I swear I had goose bumps of excitement the entire time we trimmed the tree. It's 10x bigger than our old fake one, and 10x more joyful. However, I'm not sure who is more confused by the new focal point: Mason or Madelyn. Hopefully neither of them knock it down or pee on it!

But back to US Thanksgiving. We had a WONDERFUL 5 day weekend together as a family and finished it off with a 20lb Turkey dinner on Saturday. I have to thank the Kouba's for brining "Things the game" to our Pot Luck. What a FUN game...highly recommended as a fab Christmas present for anyone (see fb for pictures). And Thanks to everyone for bringing such delicious food. We were all stuffed like Turkeys by the end of the night :)

Emily, Preston, Hils & Maddy
Madelyn also thoroughly enjoyed herself as 3 suitors came to profess their love: Tristan, Preston and Hunter (they all have such cutie pie names). She's quite the little flirt so I'm sure she'll keep them on their toes for a few years to come :)

Happy Holiday season to all!


Madelyn & Hunter

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