Jan 24, 2011

Best Day Ever

"Woof woof...look, it's snowing out again...woof woof woof".

I love snow. It's my favorite. It keeps those stupid squirrels away and its fun to jump in. I hope this snow is the soft fluffy kind. I don't really like the heavy wet kind. It sticks between my paws and makes them cold.

Did mom hear me? "Woof woof...mom look at the snow...woof woof."

Last time it snowed it was the best day ever. Dad was home and all of us went for a walk in the woods. I was on my leash the whole time, but it was still great. There was so much snow. 

One of the best things was that mom and dad put mini-mom in a crate for the walk. We couldn't even hear it. It was like old times. It was awesome.  

My favorite part of the day was when dad and I played 'snow balls'. Dad made a snow ball and then threw it in the air and I caught it with my face. I could play that game over and over. It was awesome.


I wish every day could be like that. Instead, it looks like I'm stuck inside listening to mini-mom scream at me.


Does it really think it's going to scare me? I'm a dog and even I know that it's dumb to lick the floor.

I really hope it doesn't figure out how to get over here. If it pulls my hair one more time I swear I'm gonna lick it across the face. "Woof woof...stay away from me mini-mom...woof woof woof."

Well, I guess I better go back to sleep. If I can't go for a walk then I may as well dream about going for a walk...

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