Jan 11, 2011

Missing a fireplace

I love our new house and all of the wonderful renovations we did, but I must say I'm really missing having a fireplace this winter. Last year, we were in a Condo with a gas fireplace and I loved snuggling up next to it in my bathrobe along with my laptop and coffee. My plan is to source an old mantle at Goodwill and start building it in myself, and then we'll eventually add a gas unit. I saw Samantha and Christian do this on an episode of Pure Design and I think we can handle it. I should have added that to the mega list. Oh well. Here are some pictures of some lovely fireplaces in the mean time.

Images courtesy of marthastewart.com


  1. Great idea Hil! You should also check out Habitat's ReStore. They typically get a lot of that kind of thing in. Some stores will post their stuff on their website too so you can keep track of what they get in from home!

  2. Ohh...love that idea, thanks Kate!

  3. you can come and sit by my fire...but its a 5 hour flight. I think it might be totally worth it!!!

  4. I miss having one too.. there is something so wonderful about snuggling up :) ( It's looking fabulous around here! ) xo

  5. Great idea! I always grew up with a real one and I must say I miss it now that my rent house does not have one! Building a gas one is a really good idea. You can also buy the gas ones with the mantle and hearth already built to it. Check out Lowe's and Big Lots. I'm sure there are other places too!

    Good luck!

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    ~Romantic Savy


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