Jan 12, 2011

A Week of...

Things started off great last week. Monkey and I were happy as usual in our new matching winter hats.
But then one day monkey started getting a sad look on her face.

 And everything was going into her mouth.

Then the crying started. Monkey was even crying in her exersaucer! Now, what baby does that?

I tried Camillia, and baby Tylenol, and nothing was working...

So, I decided to give myself a break and took Monkey to the daycare at my gym.

 But, half way through my workout...

Next, I had a dentist appointment. I couldn't skip it, it had been too long since my last cleaning.

Ya, that went really well....Not even a MumMum would soothe her soul.

The hygienist noted my clenched jaw. Well, duh, who wouldn't clench their jaw with all that crying?

So I went for lunch and a beer to take the edge off. My edge off, Monkey was still screaming.

Sorry everyone else having lunch at the pub.

But, then all of a sudden there was a really weird couple of days of quiet play. Not happy play, just quiet, calm play.

No more tears but no big smiles.

And then, poof, out of nowhere came a shiny, pearly, new, little, cute baby tooth!

Congratulations my little Monkey! Another milestone crossed off your list!


  1. Aww! Poor little munch ( and mommy! ) Congrats on the first tooth.. that's a big milestone! x

  2. SO CUTE!!! How did you do that?


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