Mar 19, 2011

Alison & Kate's favorites (0-3 months)

I love learning about cool baby things from my mommy friends. One of Madelyn's newest friends, Kate, and her mom, Alison, have shared some of their favorites for 0-3 months. Enjoy!

1. It's an inflatable bath! I love it because when I am holding Kate, my arm isn't being dented from the side of a hard plastic tub. It has the stopper for her to sit up on her own, and when she is big enough I'll deflate it.  It's also great for storage (if you have limited space), and travelling.

Pacimals: The Huggable Pacifier: All Styles2. This is a PacimalIt has a pacifier attached to the back of the head.  I like it because when I am driving in the car and she is sucking on it, it's kinda tucked in her blanket so it doesn't pop out of her mouth and fall. And because she is so young, it's nice and big, and something cuddly that she can hold on to it.  She likes to hold the ears.  It's also a nice transitional toy.  It's machine washable, and the pacifier part is replacable. 

3. Baby Einstein's sea dream.  It's attached to the side of her crib.  It's awesome because it plays classical music (which she loves), the scene rotates, so it's not just a boring stationary one where it's only the fish tail that moves.  There are a few setting.  You can have the music play while the fish swim, you can just have the fish swim with the sound of a fish tank, just the music, etc.  It also comes with a remote control which is handy. We hang it on her door, so if she is asleep we can turn it off or on without going in.

4. Skip Hop binsThey come in two sizes. Large one for toys/books. whatever you want to store, and then a smaller one for diapers/wipes, brush, creams etc.  They are a well made, thick canvas.  They have handles on the side to move around or take with you.  On the smaller ones, there is a divider you can use and some pockets of the side.  They look great! I have one in every colour!
5. Lamaze Playhouse Gym.  It's great because it's a 3 in 1 deal!  It's a double side mat for playing on their backs.  When they are older they can start to do imaginative play with the house it folds up to be, with the people.  There is also other items that are used to build on their matching skills, learn about colours and shapes.  This mat can also be folded for tummy time.  It's super cute, and extremely light so it can be carried anywhere.

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