Mar 24, 2011

Convertible Car Seat

We just moved Madelyn from her infant car seat to her big girl car seat. I wasn't sure what brand to switch her to so I asked a bunch of moms. The majority recommended the Britax Marathon 65 so that's what we went with. In addition to a bunch of safetly features it's supposed to be super comfy for baby's car naps.  It's a bit more expensive than some other brands/models but it has a weight range of 5-65 lbs so I'm sure it will end up having a low CPU.

We have installed it rear facing and plan to stick with that until Madelyn is 2 years old. Daddy found this CNN video clip with new recommendations to do so:

The Britax website is pretty cool, I used their car seat guide to double check if the Marathon is right for us based on Madelyn's age, weight, height and seat height:

We ended up getting the Onyx (black/grey) print, but it also comes in Cowmooflage (soo cute), Allison and Blueprint.

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