Mar 7, 2011

Sleeping in weird ways & Breastfeeding Survey

Since Madelyn has started crawling I have been trying to tackle something from my baby proofing list each day. Last week I tried to remove the crib bumper pad since it's an obvious safety hazard. Upon doing so baby M refused to go down for a nap. She got every limb stuck through the slats and was waaaay to intrigued at seeing everything in her room from her bed. It just wasn't working. Back in when the bumper pads, and a big TO DO note went to daddy to lower the crib so she can't climb out. 

There was a lot of crying today when I put her down for her 9am morning nap. All of a sudden the crying stopped so I took a peak on the video monitor to see what was going on up there. This is what I saw:  

It's a bit hard to tell by the fuzzy blackberry video screen shot, but little M is sleeping sitting up, crouched over her favorite hand knit blanket from Great Auntie Greta. She stayed like this for 70 minutes!


In other news, I am volunteering some time to help my favorite lactation consultant, Jean, out with a breastfeeding survey. Jean will be presenting a talk at an international conference for lactation consultants in San Diego in July. The title of this presentation is "Breastfeeding and Sex (but not at the same time)!". Her goal in researching this topic is to open dialogue concerning issues related to sexual health for breastfeeding women and their partners. The hormones produced during lactation are the same ones present during sexual intercourse and responses of desire. Very often, feelings of conflict and discomfort during the breastfeeding experience can impact a woman’s sexual activity. The goal is to raise awareness that THIS IS NORMAL. It is a situation not often discussed but one that many couples can relate to.

If you are a breastfeeding mother (or have breastfed in the past 2 years) I am hoping you can help us out with this survey. It should take about 20 minutes. All answers will be viewed collectively with other survey responses and will be anonymous. Click here to access the survey:
Thank you for your help!

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