Apr 19, 2011

1st Birthday Party Planning

3-D Rubber Ducky PanPicking the theme for Madelyn's first birthday party was pretty easy. Consistently, her favorite thing over the past few months is anything Rubber Ducky. Actually, she just said her 6th word this week: "duck" [I'm trying really hard to get it on video to share. It's extremely high pitch and super cute].

Lucky for me it's Easter season so there are duck things everywhere. We were at Bulk Barn last week [amazing if you haven't been], and stumbled across this 3D ducky cake pan. It looks easy enough and I was able to find numerous images on google of other bakers finished products so I'm giving it a shot.  Here's some examples of what it may look like:


I also came across these - rubber ducky candles and icing decorations. Cute, huh? My dear friend Corinne showed me how to use the icing decorations in the center of flowers at my baby shower last year. I think I'll copy that for the birthday party.
Rubber Ducky 6-Piece Candle SetRubber Ducky Icing Decorations

Then, this weekend, I was waiting in line at Michaels Craft store and browsed this cook book:

It says you can use a timbit (sorry, "munchkin" or "donut hole" for my American friends) and a marshmallow to transform your ordinary cupcake into a rubber ducky. Fun! If that doesn't work, It looks like I could also use rolled fondant to make rubber ducky toppers:


I think my biggest challenge with these plans will be perfecting my icing. Every buttercream icing recipe that I've tried has turned out on the soft side. If you have an awesome recipe please send to me so I can give yours a try!

Aside from the food, Madelyn and I spent an afternoon at a few toy stores and good old Dollarama picking out some awesome goodie bag treats and door prizes for best dressed in Yellow. Time to get excited!

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  1. Hey Hils, the theme is super cute! Good luck with the cake. I love baking and excited to see how it turns out.


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