Oct 13, 2010

Countdown to Christmas Abs Challenge

I heard on the radio yesterday that on average Canadians gain 1 lb from Thanksgiving Dinner that they don't lose until April. I know, it's only 1 lb, but I've also heard that we gain 5 lbs at Christmas that stay on forever. Well, I thought of a Challenge yesterday: 100 ab crushing sit-ups every day until Christmas. Sound fun?

If you're in, print out my budget schedule to keep track of your progress. I'm drawing a smiley face for every successful day (sad face = lazy day).

So what's my real motivation? I REALLY want to fit into my favorite jeans sans muffin top. I am sooo sick of the stretchys and very bored of my maternity jeans.

If you want some weekly motivation, email me and we can cheer each other on. Go Christmas Abs!


  1. Okay Hilary....I'm in....I here you on the muffin top...I thought the baby weight would be gone by now, but it's not... :o(

  2. Ooops...it's brooke, not sean.

  3. haha...Sean's muffin top is exposed

  4. I love this idea! If only I could start pre-baby... I'll join you in the New Year for sure. Just the thought of fitting into regular clothes is such motivation.
    Good luck putting more smiley faces than sad faces on that budget schedule!

  5. This is sooo much harder than it seemed on Tuesday! B - I have faith, I know we can do it!! ...looks like I'll be doing 300 crunches tomorrow to make up for my lazy thurs & fri :(

  6. Hey Hils, how has this been working out? I hear you about the muffin top. One of my pet peeves ..... even before having a baby.


  7. Sanju - I knew someone would remember this and it would come back to haunt me, lol. I think I managed to do 10 days of ab workouts, which would be about 13% = fail :(

    I guess it's all about NY resolutions now!


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