Oct 12, 2010

The Snoogle: a pregnant ladies bff

I can't believe I forgot to include the Snoogle in my Pregnancy Favorites post. It was a serious life saver for me through my second and third trimester. I would have chosen it as my bedside companion  It was a great addition to our bed.

So why did it pop into my head for today's blog post? Well, I have been sick. First, it was this draining fatigue feeling with a drippy nose. Then, it morphed into battle of the nose vs. boxes of tissues. Now, it's a nasty wet cough (ew) and scratchy throat / weird voice monster of a flu bug. Poor hubby has been banished to the guest room to get some solid zzz's. Despite the cough, that's left me alone in our big bed with all 4 fluffy pillows to myself, and, well, it reminds me of my days with the Snoogle.

The Snoogle isn't all fluff and glamor. The main drawback is that it's a serious barricade for your hubby. You need to do your cuddling before climbing into the sucker.

But I found the Pro's really worked for me:
- forces side sleep / prevents you from rolling onto your back;
- helps keep your spine aligned;
- supports your aching back;
- keeps hips nicely separated;
- means you get 2/3 of the bed dedicated to you & your growing belly (Ok, little me is a bed hog)

If you want another testimony...one of my coworkers was in the dog house with his pregnant wife, so I recommended the Snoogle instead of flowers. He picked one up that evening and got huge hubby points - she loved it!

On top of that, this product came highly recommended by Jess, who really knows what's going on!

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