Oct 18, 2010

Getting Skintimate with Psoriasis

When I was recruited last week to participate in a webinar, "Get Skintimate with Psoriasis", I thought it was a bit of a strange request. But, at the same time I felt pretty cool since I was recruited as a Blogger. Someone thinks my blog is a means of social buzz...yay!!

Anyway, it turned out to be a really interesting webinar. I learned that Psoriasis is NOT contagious, that it's very common (1 million Canadians have it), and that it has strong emotional and social implications for those who have it. I want to state again that it's NOT CONTAGIOUS. This seems to be the biggest social myth. It's a skin disease, it's not something you catch from shaking someones hand or sitting next to them.

I also learned about this really cool website that you can use to find a dermatologist near you: livingwellwithpsoriasis.com. Coincidentally, last week I had my own visit to a Derm. I sooo wish I knew about this website before waiting 4 months to see a Dr. who looked like Mr. Burns who told me, "Just remember, stay pale & stay safe".  I ran home and doused myself in fake tan cream. It's not that I don't agree with keeping out of the sun (I wear 30+ SPF religiously all year round), I just don't want to look that pale...Anyway, had I known about this website 4 months ago I would have found my own Derm rather than waiting forever through my GP to get my apt. with Casper.

Fall 2010, 4 months
Okay, back to the webinar... It really got me thinking about what kind of mom I want to be and what values I want to teach my little one. In the webinar, this guy who has Psoriasis described going to the gym and being looked at funny because of his skin condition, then being asked by the manager to wear a sweater because he was bothering other gym members. That is so sad. When Madelyn grows up, I really want to teach her to be compassionate, patient and understanding. To be the type of gym manager that would tell all of those other members to sc#*w themselves and let the guy work out in his T-Shirt without a mention. I know it won't always be easy, but I really do want to focus on those values. Every person is important. Every person has meaning to our world. Every person is special.

I guess this is just another amazing part of being a mom - it really makes me want to be a better person.

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