Oct 19, 2010

Alderwood Wives Book Club Review: Secret Daughter: A Novel

Last night our book club met to discuss our second book: Secret Daughter: A Novel, by Shilpi Somaya Gowda. This one had an amazon rating of 4.5 stars. Our club unanimously, "LOVED IT", and gave it 5/5 stars.

Secret Daughter was a fast read due to it's emotional pull. As a mother it gave me the urge to start co-sleeping with my baby again. Even those without babies were brought to tears by this powerful story of mother love. The contrasting settings of Mumbai and San Fran were also great elements of the book, as was the multi-character perspective. Another plus are the shorter chapters: I could always finish a chapter (or 2 or 3) before lights out.

Everyone (except me) came prepared with great suggestions for our next book. We ended up with a lineup to take us through January! Here is our list if you'd like to follow along:
And for fun, some of us are going to read The Book Of Awesome, by Neil Pasricha. Apparently it's a pretty funny collection of short articles to read.

Happy Reading!

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