Mar 4, 2011

Finger foods, Crawling, Stroller Hunting and Washing Dishes

Where have I been? Well, let's see...

First of all, we've had a bit of a food strike this week. Madelyn has discovered how fun it is to feed herself. We started with Lila's mom's suggestion of Organic Brown Rice puffs. 4 things to say about them:
  • they're great for helping to develop your baby's pincer grasp
  • they're healthy/gluten free
  • they end up everywhere in your house
  • dogs (even Retreivers) won't eat them (darn!)
Now that we've left most purees behind (fruit is still a hit), I am preparing fresh food daily. Meals now consist of mini cubes of steamed veggies and fruit like apples. Only 1/4 ends up in her mouth and the rest plastered to her highchair, clothes, my floor, my clothes, mason's hair...everywhere. We are still pretty much sticking to our 9-12 months food guide, but we've added some other things for flavor (mango, onion, garlic and ginger). Occassionally she will still eat her oatmeal with halved blueberries in the morning, those are good days.

Another thing eating up my time this week is spontaneous baby proofing. I was procrastinating things from my baby proofing list  until little M decided to start crawling forward! Now everything up to 3 feet has to be fully baby proof. Thank you husband for installing all of the baby gates before this happened. If you are interested...

I have also spent way too much time this week scanning websites for deals on a new stroller. I have been using a Quinny Buzz 3 since Madelyn was born. It was great for when she was in her infant car seat, since it would easily snap onto the wheels. But, now that little M is a bit bigger I need something a little sturdier, with a larger basket and that can handle more weight. I am in love with my friend Mel's Uppababy Vista and am thinking of getting the Lindsey model. Any thoughts?

If anyone wants my Quinny+Bassinet I'll sell to a blog follower for $375 (retail value $780).

Lastly, our dishwasher broke 3 weeks ago and the warranty part still isn't available. Sigh. I really wish there was a dish washing fairy...


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  2. I love our Peg Perego UNO stroller, its super light and folds very compactly. its also has a huge basket underneath.

  3. haha Madelyn has discovered her independence! Food can be really fustrating at this age.
    I must add though, some dogs do like the puffs... I know of at least one mutt that does.

    We bought the Phil and Ted stroller a few months ago (used on kijiji for $400) I like it because I can use it as a single stroller right now but when the baby arrives I just add the double attachment and both kids can fit in there. It has a pretty big basket with one child in there, but gets limited once you had another child.


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